Aston Martin One-77 And The Mystery Of The Golden Ratio: Video

What do you do when you want to design something that is universally beautiful? Something so perfect that it is almost divine? You use, just like Aston Martin did, something called the golden ratio. This almost mystic and omnipresent number has boggled the greatest of human minds for almost 2400 years now. The golden ratio seems to be as much a law of nature as the rotation of the Earth. Everything from snails to humans to entire galaxies seemed to have been created on this blueprint.

It is just astonishing to see the sheer number of man-made marvels that have been inspired by this ratio, these include the Mona Lisa, The Egyptian pyramids, Parthenon in Greece and so many more and now Aston Martin one-77  have used the golden ratio for making the best car they have ever made.

As far as its name is concerned one-77  represents the one of the unique aston’s among the total 77 produced in world.

Watch the mystifying video about this absolutely marvelous number and sense the fingerprint of God  :