TATRA Truck-The Off Road King: Video

Why a Tatra in AutoSpace, you might ask. Probably because it is the legendary and most advanced truck maker in the world right now. Tatra is a vehicle manufacturer in Kopřivnice, Czech Republic. They are one of the largest military truck supplier in the world. They deliver a machine that can cruise on any type of terrain and when I say any type it means any type.You might be thinking that I must be joking, so turn your eyes little bit downward and what you’re gonna find is a video which proves my remark.

But before jumping to the video let me to give you an idea of what makes tatra so different. Answer is simple” Technology used by them”. Tatra uses all wheel drive independent suspension system which simply means that all wheel have power and are capable to move freely without  interfering the motion of other wheel which results in effortless and unwavering ride that’s why most of defence firm uses this as a platform to put their sophisticated equipment on top of it.

Power is transmitted from Engine to wheels through common rail and has multiple set of sophisticated differential by which two drive shafts are connected to the wheels through CV joints as shown in figure. This adds up another degree of freedom to the vehicle and allow it do such tough maneuver with ease.

Legendary Czech truck racer Karel Loprais,has won the worlds hardest off-road race Dakar Rally as many as six times with Tatra 815.

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