World’s Smallest Petrol Engine Invented

Believe me it is so small that I was unable to get its magnified picture. By the way scientists have created the smallest petrol engine in the world (less than a centimeter long not even half an inch), small enough to power a watch or any small gadget. The mini-motor which runs for two years on a single squirt of lighter fuel is set to revolutionize technology associated with it. It generates 700 times more energy than a conventional battery. It could be used to operate laptops and mobile phones for months doing away with the need for charging.

Experts believe it could be phasing out batteries in such items within just six years. The engine, minute enough to be balanced on a fingertip, has been produced by engineers at the University of Birmingham. At present, charging an ordinary battery to deliver one unit of energy involves putting 2,000 units into it. The little engine, because energy is produced locally, is far more effective.

One of the main problems faced by engineers who have tried to produce micro motors in the past has been the levels of heat produced. The engines got so hot they burned themselves out and could not be re-used. The Birmingham team overcame this by using heat-resistant materials such as ceramic and silicon carbide, finally.

UPDATE 25/11/2012:

Today, I got a call from our webmaster Aditya Pandey, he informed me that users are demanding some more information and sources of this “smallest” thing.
First of all this is NOT fake, this technology is under development. This is being developed under the supervision of Kyle Jiang, from University of Birmingham. Some tech-update pics about this project:

Sources and Relevant stuff :

You must visit these links to get more information on “World’s Smallest Petrol Engine”.
I hope that’ll be enough to prove its existence and development.

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  • himanshu

    This engine is a great achievement in technology.I will try to make my own model like the one shown in video.

  • Philomena Creselious

    I enjoy your writing type, do maintain on writing! I’ll be back!

    • Aditya Pandey

      Glad to know that you like our post.

  • Colleen Winters

    This is uber fantastic!
    I can see this potentially being scaled up so that larger devices can run on them – who knows, it may eventually be upscaled to the point where it can run a car extremely efficiently!

    • Aditya Pandey

      What will you say about this one


      We got whole category filled with these kinda articles, the “Tech Talk”.
      Hope you’ll like it. ;)

      • Colleen Winters

        That’s pretty awesome. I’m baffled by the size of the engine, mostly because I’ve never seen one that large.
        And it’s pretty awesome that despite the size, it runs more efficiently than other engines.
        Why are we not seeing this stuff in cars yet?

        • Aditya Pandey

          Who knows, maybe the seller next your door start selling some car with this “huge” technology in near future.

          BTW don’t forget to check some other interesting articles. ;)

  • tony zarastas

    unbelievable AWESOME !!!!

    • Aditya Pandey

      I’m glad you like it. :)

  • stromchin

    sounds like made up, I’m going to need a source on that

    • Aditya Pandey

      Source? What kind of source?
      I will contact to some of our expert and will be happy to provide any information you’ll like. :)

    • Aditya Pandey

      Article updated.

  • Howard

    Are there any sites or papers you could link? I’d love to be able to read deeper into the topic and this engine in particular.

    • Aditya Pandey

      Sure, I am contacting the author of this article that is Ujjwal and will attach relevant links and stories as soon as possible. :)

    • Aditya Pandey

      Article Updated.

  • Einar Bordewich

    Motor looks nice, but the nail of the man looks like hell. That is NOT as selling point!

    • Aditya Pandey

      Really a good point to laugh out loud! :D

      Aditya Pandey

  • tony jesudoss